Once upon a time there was a little Minnesota girl named Kathy who dreamed of one day growing up to be a real artist.  She always loved to color and paint everything she touched.  She especially enjoyed putting letters & words together to look really cool. Blessed with an endless imagination and an enormous romantic heart, these things explode from all her work.

She graduated from art school in Florida, where she studied her favorite, "Old Masters". It was there she honed her distinct and colorful style and realized how God had gifted her with her very own unique and special gift.

She worked for over 25 years and developed her skills in the ever-changing commercial design world in her hometown, Minneapolis.  Blessed with honors and awards throughout her career, along came licensed contracts with leading international gift manufacturers that would reproduce her artwork, distribute and sell it around the world.  There was much to honor and thank God for.  Yet, her little girl dream still lingered to someday have her own little art studio on the lake, tucked away in the woods.  A special place where her childhood summers were spent.

And you see, dreams really do come true... because nestled high on Eagle Lake, Glory Hill Studios opened its enchanting doors in 2011.  It's a most charming place, where one-of-a-kind, delightful works of art come to life.  Evidence of God's love touches every single piece through this beautiful expression and delightful style.

Each Glory Hill piece is designed and meticulously hand-crafted in our wood shop. Many of our creations are created on found and re-purposed wooden pieces, as well. Designs evolve using a wood burning technique, finished with splashes of colorful paints & stains.  Glory Hill offers a most stunning selection of special occasion gifts and truly unique home decor.  Along with a most delightful line of children's furniture, that your wee lil' ones will love to crawl all over, climb up on and live happily ever after.  Families and friends will cherish these works of art forever throughout generations.

So... next time you find yourself Up North in the woods of Crow Wing County Minnesota, please meander across our story book covered bridge and feast your eyes & feed your soul up on Glory Hill... a place where dreams come true!


I look forward to meeting you, together we'll create a very special piece.

All God's love, goodness & grace!